The Full Color 3D Printer


3DPandoras 1.0 is a stereolithographic 3D printer kit based on powder technology for those seeking an introduction to high definition and full color 3D printing.


Create anything with colorful powder


Molding through mixing powder from metal material into gypsum or casting product itself into copper and aluminum.


Print some parts with bone powder or bio-material.


Drawing lots of delicious and appealing image apply in food of 3D printing


From digital to analog in one simple step, forget those molds and waxes.


Save money when constructing mock-ups by printing your own reference plants and human figures in full detail.

3dpandoras instruction

Scan to Print Out


3DPandoras Operation Film

Items you can print:

Amazing 3D prints like you've never seen before.



  • Provide the most multicolored options

  • Colored bas-reliefs for easy printout

  • From single-colored engineering objects to professional action figures

  • Widely applies in commercial product, architecture, education and etc.


  • No support structures needed

  • Can be used as modeling

  • Print multiple models at the same time

  • Safe for using both in offices and schools

  • Quite easy to be mastered


  • Most affordable filaments of “3DPandoras”

  • Unused powder can be recycled for the next printing

  • Unused binder and curing agent can be recycled to your storage bottles

  • Only take in hours to build models


  • Build Volume Size: 300 * 292 * 140mm3 ( or 11.8'' * 11.5'' * 5.5'')

  • Resolution: 9600 * 2400 dpi

  • Prototyping: 5-10 mm / hr ( or 0.2-0.4 inch / hr)

  • Machine Size: 100 * 80 * 170 cm3 ( or 39.4'' * 31.5" * 66.9'')

  • Weight: 250 kg ( or 551 lbs)

  • Layer Thickness:0.08 - 0.2 mm (0.1 mm recommend)

  • Input Data File Format: STL, VRML, WRL (PLY, 3DS, OBJ can be translated)

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply adding recommeded
  • Color:CMYK

  • Number of Jets:4608

  • Number of Printhead:1

  • Power Supply:90-10, 8A | 110-120, 6A | 200-240, 4A

  • Materials:Gypsum Powder, Clear Binder, Curing Agent, CMYK Ink

  • Made In Taiwan

  • Client OS : Win7 SP1 64bit Win8 64bit | RAM 8GB | CPU Intel quad-core | AMD Not Recommend


  • Resolution
  • 0.1~0.3 mm
  • Color
  • Under 4 Single Color
  • Material Cost (USD)
  • 30~60
Support Required
  • Resolution
  • 0.08~0.2 mm
  • Color
  • Millions of Color
  • Material Cost (USD)
  • 50~100
Support Required
  • Resolution
  • 0.025~0.1 mm
  • Color
  • Single Color
  • Material Cost (USD)
  • 100~250
Support Required

about us

Global Trend Technology Trading Inc. is a 3D printer company in CA.
We spare no efforts to research and develop our technologies for printers.
We announced our first full color 3D powder printer called 3DPandoras.

It has taken us six years to develop the 3D powder printer with the newest design and technology which is different from the Fused Deposition Modeling. 3D powder printer can solve Fused Deposition Modeling issues

that had before, such as block inside extruders, lack of precision and so on. We strongly believe that the whole world will enjoy our efforts of technology and become more brilliant and intelligent in the near future.

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